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The Cup final opposed Verona to Roma – and there was no winner: 1-1. In the replay Roma prevailed 1-0.

This was the best season of Hellas Verona so far - 6th in the championship and Cup finalists. They did their best to win, but the opponent was classier. Too bad the underdog lost, but Verona had nothing to be ashamed of.

Sitting from left: Boldorini (?) - masseur, Oddi, Baldieri (?), Conti, Alicicco – doctor, Giannini, Ancelotti, Vincenzi, Rossi – masseur.
Middle row: Tessari – assistant coach, Maldera, Falcao, Righetti, Liedholm – coach, Toninho Cerezo, Graziani, Bonetti, Colucci.
Top row: Di Bartolomei, Nela, Strucheli (?), Malggolio (?), Tancredi, Superchi, Chierico, Pruzzo, Nappi.
Roma won the Cup with difficulty, but it was tremendously tough season for the team – they fought on three fronts and against mighty opposition. This team was at its peak and would have been a shame to end the season empty-handed. It also made Roma something like a cup specialist – this was their 5th , all won in the recent years.