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Hungary the Cup

The Cup final opposed Raba ETO to second-division Siofoki Banyasz. No brainer, on the surface – one the strongest leading teams at the moment against a team struggling to get back to top league football. But these years were also the years of the underdog, especially in cup tournaments, and lowly Siofok prevailed 2-1.

Raba Eto finished this season empty-handed. Not bad, but... second best in both championship and Cup.

What a surprise – Siofoki Banysz won the Cup, their 1st trophy ever. Instantly historic squad to be remembered forever at home. The lowest and highest in one season – failing to win promotion, getting penalized for, most likely, attempted match-fixing, but in the time it was their best season ever, for they won a trophy at last. With Cup in hand, who cares for anything else?

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