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The Cup final opposed Real Madrid to Sporting Gijon. On the surface, Real had enormous advantage – Gijon had a weak season. It did not show on the field of Nuevo Jose Zorilla stadium in Valladolid. Gijon fought bravely. Alas, they lost 1-2 and Real Collected the Cup.
Only a small club with practically empty trophy room could get some bragging rights from 'Sub Campeon'... not bad, really, but one can feel sorry for the underdog: they lost 2 consecutive finals – in 1981 to Barcelona 1-3 and in 1982 to Real Madrid 1-2. Would have been nice Gijon to win.
Real Madrid still finished the season with a trophy – unlike Barcelona, so they were still ahead of the arch-rivals. Well, domestically – Barcelona perhaps got the upper hand at the end by winning the Cup Winners Cup. Yet, it was difficult victory for Real and not a very memorable one – except for one thing:this was their 15th Cup. Which, at the end of the day, is just a footnote in the rich history of the club.

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