Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Favourite all-time matches:
1.Levski – CSCA 7-2 – 1968. The championship derby with the archenemy. Levski did not have strong squad this year and the beginning of the match did not suggest anything good… until the boys started scoring. The army, the Communist, and the government club lost… we lost next year, when there was a ‘reform’ and Levski was no more… it was merged with the club of the Police. My father, along with most old supporters of Levski, refused to support the cops… and the Security Police. It was great in 1968, bitter years followed.
Collage of all goals scorers and the stadium’s scoreboard after the end of the match.
2. England – West Germany 1-3 – 1972. The tragedy of the first leg of the quarterfinal for the European Championship… I couldn’t watch the penalty Netzer scored… poor Banks. Fantastic match nevertheless.
The weather should have been helpful – it was raining, in true British manner. It was raining and the Germans were scoring.

3. Ajax – Bayern 4-0 – 1973. The first leg of the quarterfinals for the old European Champions Cup. In my opinion, Bayern played their best football that year. It should have been the final.

Breitner, nominally left fullback, trying to stop Cruiff, nominally centre forward. Total football made traditional positions irrelevant.
Three is enough – my bias is based on memories and impressions.