Monday, September 15, 2008

International club competitions were also established – the three European club tournaments already had a good history behind them, as well as the South American Copa Libertadores. The winners played for the Intercontinental Cup since 1962. Asia and Africa also established their regular club tournaments which were gaining popularity, if not yet quality. But the system was already in place. And not only that: new boys were coming strong, challenging the Spanish-Italian dominance and defensive minded football.

Feyenoord (Rotterdam) won the European Champions Cup in 1970. Ajax lost the final for the same cup in 1969. Their archrivals were the first Dutch club to win the trophy next year.

At international level, smaller club tournaments still attracted the public and although diminishing in importance, there were no signs that they will disappear: the Anglo-Italian summer tournament, the Balkan Cup, Mitropa Cup either filled up sluggish summer months, or provided opportunity for smaller clubs to play international games. South American clubs continued to tour abroad, playing friendlies in Africa, USA, and Europe (although less in Europe than in the 1960s). It was source of revenue, but also gave chance to many to see great clubs and players live.