Wednesday, December 10, 2008

West Germany played tough ½ with Italy. Overtime again, but this time Italy went ahead, winning 4-3. Meantime Brazil was sailing easily – beating 4-2 Peru at the ¼ finals and Uruguay 3-1 at the semis. The Germans won the ‘little’ final vs Uruguay 1-0. Third place still mattered then. Brazil spectacularly won the final with Italy – 4-1.
After the final wistle Pele and Enrico Albertosi congratulate each other smiling. Gianni Rivera is not exactly grieving either in front of them. The Italian goalkeeper was first choice of Italy in the late 1960s and Dino Zoff mere reserve. The two were almost same age and played long, but what a change of luck: in the late 1970s Albertosi was part of the next big Italian bribing scandal and was banned for two years in 1982. His Milan was punished to play in the Second Division. Zoff not only enjoyed success with Juventus, but captained Italy to their third World Championship in 1982. Albertosi was disgraced at 43; Zoff was on top of the world at 40. Smoking cigarettes between first and second half in the dressing room.