Saturday, February 7, 2009

June 30, 1971. By all accounts, Gundy was greatly upset – he felt unjustly hurt by the rough play of Yankov, by the indifference of the referee, by receiving red cart, and by the penalty the Disciplinary Commission of the Federation slapped on him. Suspended, he did not feel like training with the first team and accepted an invitation to play in a benefit match. A provincial club, Botev (Vratza), were celebrating their founding 50 years ago, and invited Levski’s reserve team for a friendly. Gundy asked Kotkov to join him. On the road to Vratza, the accident occurred and they died.
Kotkov and Asparukhov training together. This is believed to be their last picture.

Levski-Spartak 1970-71.
Second row, left to right: Yoncho Arsov (coach), Stefan Pavlov, Yanko Kirilov, Milko Gaydarsky, Georgy Kamensky, Roumen Goranov, Biser Mikhailov, Kiril Ivkov, Stefan Aladzhov, Dobromir Zhechev, Dimitar Doychinov (assistant coach).
First row, sitting: Tzvetan Vesselinov, Ivan Stoyanov, Vassil Mitkov, Pavel Panov, Petar Kirilov, Nikola Kotkov, Georgy Asparukhov, Aleksandar Kostov, Georgy Tzvetkov.

The last team photo with Asparukhov and Kotkov. Good friends, Gundy and Kitten trained together, sat together on team pictures, and were together outside the stadium, often drinking. They died together too… They are remembered always together.