Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Cup was won by Spartak (Moscow). Somewhat curiously the winners of 1971 forecasted the future – Dinamo (Kiev) and Spartak (Moscow) dominated Soviet football from the late 1970s until the collapse of USSR. But football is ironic and full of twists: in the first half of the 1970s Dinamo was ascending and Spartak was rapidly declining, eventually ending in the Second Division. Neither of the above was obvious in 1971… winners both clubs.

Front, from left to right: M. Bulgakov, V. Papaev, V. Mirzoev, S. Olshansky, G. Logofet, G. Husainov, S. Osyanin, D. Silagadze.
Top: E. Lovchev, N. Kiselev, V. Kalinov, A. Isaev, V. Egorovich, A. Kavazashvili, N. Simonyan, N. Starostin.
Spartak were also in transition, but unlike Dinamo (Kiev) the new recruits were disastrous. Note Evgeny Lovchev – the first red-carded player at the World Cup finals (in 1970). And also Nikita Simonyan – the legendary player and now a coach, is to be one of the reasons for the glory days of Armenian football.