Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The final was no contest: West Germany clearly dominated the match in Brussels. The Soviets were outplayed and at moments looked hopeless. They were obviously outdated and unable to survive the assault of total football. Which was no that much total either, for German superiority was established early and so effortlessly, for a good part pf the match the Germans did not have to play on high gear to maintain it. 3-0 they won, somewhat economically. European Champions for the first time. USSR must had been happy with silver – there was no way they had a chance to score a consolation goal. Equalizing and winning was beyond the wildest imagination, even Soviet one.

New boy Breitner making himself memorable, including his trademark rolled down socks.
Onishchenko had to wait 3 more year until winning over Gerd Muller. In 1972 winning over Muller was unimaginable.
Total German dominance and total football – Wimmer was unlikely source of attacks from the air, judging by his nominal post – defensive midfielder. But here he is, terrorizing four Soviet players.
Netzer flying. 1972 was perhaps his finest year.
Perhaps this photo says it best – total football presented by the Germans. Every old line involved: Muller, a striker; Netzer, a midfielder; and Beckenbauer, a defenseman, attacking the Soviet net. Outnumbering, outplaying, confident, surprising… Beckenbauer shoots and the lonely Russian captain Hurtzilava (central defenseman) can’t even watch…

Liège, June 17, Stade Sclessin
Belgium 2-1 Hungary [Lambert 24, Van Himst 28, Kü 53pen] [ref: Boström (Sweden); att: 9,000]
Belgium: Piot, Heylens, Van den Daele, Thissen, Dolmans, Dockx, Verheyen, Polleunis, Semmeling, Van Himst, Lambert
Hungary: Géczi, Fábián, Páncsics, Bálint, P.Juhász, I.Juhász, Kü, Abert, Kozma, A.Dunai, Zámbö (46 Szücs)
FINAL Bruxelles, June 18, Stade Heysel
West Germany 3-0 Soviet Union [G.Müller 27, 58, Wimmer 52] [ref: Marschall (Austria), att: 50,000]
West Germany: Maier, Höttges, Beckenbauer, Schwarzenbeck, Breitner, U.Hoeneß, Wimmer, Netzer, Heynckes, G.Müller, E.Kremers
Soviet Union: Rudakov, Dzodzuashvili, Kaplichny, Istomin, Khurtsilava, Kolotov, Troshkin, Baidachny, Banishevsky (66 Kozinkevich), Konkov (46 Dolmatov), Onishchenko