Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, the other finalist and moments from the final:

An interesting team this vintage Dinamo: Yashin already an administrator; talented, but ill-fated Bajdachny, who died in car crush not long after the final. Both goalkeepers eventually played for the national team – Pilguy already in 1973. Very promising Gershkovich, Eshtrekov, and Kozhemyakin – but never becoming more than a promise. Old fox of legendary status – Josif Sabo. A somewhat quite player in 1972, but almost ten years later top goalscorer of USSR championship – Andrey Jakubik. And a coach who became a legend, but not with Dinamo – Konstantin Beskov. Lastly, yellow jerseys are not typical Dinamo colours (they played with familiar white and blue against Rangers).
From British perspective, Dinamo played ‘bravely. From Soviet perspective – naturally, they were better than Rangers, but the referee plotted against them. According to the pictures, looks like Dinamo played mostly in defense. Not true, really.