Monday, June 8, 2009

Yugoslavia and USSR were considered equal, yet the Yugoslavs were slightly favoured, having the great left winger Dragan Djajic in their squad. But Yugoslavia were also known for underperforming at important tournaments. Scoreless 0-0 in Belgrade left possibilities open for both teams, however, with better chances for the Soviets this time. They won 3-0 – after the first goal the Yugoslavs, quite typically, collapsed.
A. Banishevsky (in white) scores the second goal in 74th minute in the Moscow’s second leg. Paunovic (in front of Banishevsky) is late and hopeless.
90th minute – E. Kozinkevich makes it 3-0. Kozinkevich, like Banishevsky, was a rarity in the Soviet squad - playing for small provincial club: Karpaty (Lvov) (see earlier posting). Banishevsky played for Neftchi (Baku).
Russians to the ½ finals – Revaz Dzodzuashvili waives and smiles after the final whistle. Russians? Well, in terms of USSR. By today’s measure, not so – Dzodzuashvili is Georgian, Banishevsky – Azerbaijani (although an ethnic Russian), and Kozinkevich – Ukrainian.