Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Football League Cup – different animal. Just to show the many-faced and competitive English football – Stoke City won the final, beating Chelsea 2-1. Stoke City were not among league’s favourites. Chelsea too were not as great as at least 5 other clubs. The beauty of cup tournaments – David wins over Goliath. One name at least was huje: Gordon Banks. Typical for that time – the superstar goalkeeper, perhaps the best in the world, played for small club. It was nice to know Banks won a cup. Soon misfortune stroke the great goalkeeper – he lost an eye in car accident, his career in England was over.
4th row, left to right: Mike Bernard, Alan Bloor, Mike Pejic
3rd row: Jimmy Greenhoff, Gordon Banks
2nd row: Tony Waddington (manager), George Eastham, John Marsh, John Mahoney
1st row: Terry Conroy, Peter Dobing, John Ritchie, Denis Smith

Well, hardly famous squad. Some fairly decent players – Conroy, Mahoney. Some promise, never fully developed – Greenhoff. And surprising national player in the near future – the guy with Yugoslavian name, Pejic, eventually played few games for England. They proudly display the FL Cup, though.