Monday, December 21, 2009

If Turkey maintained same champions, their Greek neighbours produced a change – Panathinaikos, contrary to ambitions and boasting, lost the title to their archenemies Olympiakos. Hardly a new name – the club from Piraeus knew many victories before, but how sweet for the ‘working class’ team to beat the ‘bourgeoisie’. It was laughable already to use such terms, considering ownership and fan support of either club, but the rivalry and the corresponding vicious hatred remains to this very day. It was not that violent yet, but a derby is a derby… usually based on some ancient notions of which fans are very fond.

Bottom, left to right: Lossanta, Gioutsos, Delikaris, Papadimitriou, Triantafilos.
Top: Glezos, Kelessidis, Siokos, Synetopoulos, Angelis, Gaitadzis. Having some national players – Delikaris, Glezos, Siokos, and Synetopoulos – Olympiakis succeeded most likely because it had better performing imports than Panathinaikos. The Uruguayan Losada, called Lossanta here, and the French Triantafilos played strongly and regularly unlike the erratic foreigners of Panathinaikos. At the end of the season Triantafilos returned to France and his previous club – Saint Etienne. Losada kept the red and white stripes for few more years.