Saturday, February 6, 2010

Borussia (Moenchengladbach) collected the cup, which at the time was not yet some insignificant trophy. The club still was in great shape – and depending on opinion and bias, may be not even yet the best formation of the club. It practically contained the other half of the great West German national team, having Fogst, Heynckes (who scored 28 goals and finished second behind Muller league goalscorer), Wimmer, Bonhof, Kleff… and Gunter Netzer. Danish import doubled: Ulrik Le Fevre was replaced by young unknowns – Allan Simonsen and Henning Jensen. There was another young unknown coming after the season ended – Ulrich Stielike. Perhaps the names ring a bell? Some Barcelona and Real Madrid players? The very same. Netzer, however, was no longer to be – he was already falling out with the management, but his disappearance was related to something else: the opening of the Spanish market. He was the first big signing of Real Madrid.
Gunter Netzer. In the summer of 1973 he changed this jersey with even whiter one. Real Madird kind of win; as for Borussia it is not certain did they win or lose from the absence of the great, but difficult to handle midfielder.
Cup winners.