Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tottenham Hotspur were different story. The League Cup was cherished, although it was poor revenge for yet another season the Spurs failed to play major role in the championship, finishing 8th. But all was relative in England: Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton were further down the table; Derby County, the champions of 1972, finished 7th; and Leeds United were 3rd, their great squad unable to win yet another year. The Spurs were neither surprise, nor disappointment – they usually occupied upper-mid-table place in those years. Good enough for a Cup – but where exactly the League Cup was placed in the English mind? Had to be third tournament in importance… Well, depends who one asks – may be third, may be second. Definitely second, if you ask winners.
Compared to Sunderland, certainly second: the Spurs were impressive team.
With Jennings, England, Chivers, Gilzean, Peters, and Perryman, the ‘North London Pride’ looks like title contender. Unlike Sunderland the Spurs did not stink in Europe – they won the UEFA Cup in 1972. Good and fine, but the team was aging. And the tendency of Pat Jennings to use only one hand for catching the ball was becoming more dangerous than fun.