Monday, February 22, 2010

Which leaves us with jolly England – where total football impressed just like in Italy: nobody even thought of incorporating it. British football and championship is best, so why changing anything? Kind of… British has to be reduced to English. Scotland was still running 18-team First Division, dominated not even by two clubs, but one – Celtic were sole champions since 1966, and apart from the oldest derby in the world, Scottish football provided little fun. As for the other three championships in the British Isles, the less said the better – Wales did not even have a championship.

Back row, left to right: Jimmy Quinn, Bobby Murdoch, Tom Callaghan, Jim Craig, Evan Williams, Billy McNeill, Dennis Connaghan, George Conelly, Davie Hay, Vic Davidson, Pat McCluskey.
Front row: Paul Wilson, Jimmy Johnstone, Danny McGrain, Ken Dalglish, John Deans, Lou Macari, Bobby Lennox, Jim Brogan, Harry Hood.Good for another Scottish title and nothing else. Lou Macari was the player of the future, not Ken Dalglish - well, the future proved 1973’s expectations wrong. Macari was soon to experience Second Division football with Manchester United. As for the kilt… Luigi Macari was the son of Italian immigrants.