Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Liverpool won the UEFA Cup, after plenty of drama. The first leg in Liverpool, May 9, was abandoned after 27 minutes due to waterlogged pitch. The next day replay showed that nobody walks alone on Anfield: Borussia (Moenchengladbach) got three goals for company, thanks to Keegan (scoring twice) and Lloyd. Home turf did not help in the second leg – the Germans won with two goals by Heynckes, but the cup went to Liverpool – 3-2 on aggregate. First European cup for Liverpool. Anybody paying attention? Hard to tell… on one hand, Liverpool edged Borussia full of European champions, led by Netzer, and considered at least equally strong to Bayern (if not stronger, depending on opinion). On the other hand, the UEFA Cup was English domain – since 1968 the old Fairs Cup and the new UEFA Cup were won only by English clubs. Liverpool continued the tradition, but minnows like Newcastle United were also among the builders of the same tradition… no English club managed to transform success in the third European tournament into winning the European Champions Cup. Good for Liverpool and… good bye, Liverpool. No expectations. Lets forget this Keegan boy and concentrate to real stars like Netzer.
Final 1st Leg, Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, 10 May 1973, att 41169
Liverpool (2) 3 Borussia Mönchengladbach (0) 0¹
21' 1-0 L: Keegan32' 2-0 L: Keegan61' 3-0 L: Lloyd¹
original match on 9th May abandoned at 0-0 after 27 mins due to waterlogged pitch
Liverpool : Clemence, Lawler, Lindsay, Smith, Lloyd, Hughes, Keegan, Cormack, Toshack, Heighway (Hall), Callaghan
Borussia Monchengladbach: Kleff, Michallik, Netzer, Bonhof, Vogts, Wimmer, Danner, Kulik, Jensen, Rupp (Simonsen), Heynckes
Final 2nd Leg, Bokelbergstadion, Mönchengladbach, 23 May 1973, att 35000
Borussia Mönchengladbach (2) 2 Liverpool (0) 0
29' 1-0 BM: Heynckes40' 2-0 BM: Heynckes
Börussia Monchengladbach: Kleff, Surau, Netzer, Bonhof, Vogts, Wimmer, Danner, Kulik, Jensen, Rupp, Heynckes
Liverpool: Clemence, Lawler, Lindsay, Smith, Lloyd, Hughes, Keegan, Cormack, Heighway (Boersma), Toshack, Callaghan

Liverpool did not play total football, but who is attacking and who is defending here? Tommy Smith, the right back of Liverpool, seems to be attacking and the great playmaker and goalscorer Netzer appears to be defending… and not very successfully too.

Keegan scores. Netzer is desperate. The future is red hot.