Saturday, May 8, 2010

Group 9: USSR was supposed to win. Ireland was an outsider and France in crisis. At the end France performed worse than expected. USSR won.
1. USSR 3 0 1 5-2 6
2. Ireland 1 1 2 4-5 3
3. France 1 1 2 3-5 3
Revelli – the French striker, who was to make name for himself… later.
Republic of Ireland was expected to play mostly desperate defense. Alan Kelly (Preston North End) and Joe Kinnear (Tottenham Hotspur, right) do just that.
France – Ireland. Revelli attacks, Kelly tries to save. Busy goalkeeper.
USSR – France: the last match of the group, played in Moscow. The French had to win; the Soviets needed only a tie. Two young unknowns – Tresor (left) and Blokhin (#11) – already in the centre of events, but both will become established stars a few years later. Blokhin scores the first Russian goal here.
According to the Soviet report, team USSR played great. Here Onishchenko – another young broom – scores the second goal for USSR. Tresor is helpless one more time and France ends instead of first last.