Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After the Eastern European losers – to the Western European ones. Humble Denmark. KB won its 14th title.
Kjobenhavns Boldklub (Copenhagen) was one of the oldest clubs in Europe, founded in 1876. This was generally lost in Europe, due to the lowly status of Danish football, but the boys in white and blue were formidable power at home. Which was not to help much later – in 1991 KB merged with B 1903 to form FC Copenhagen. As usual, money was at the bottom of reasons. Not to worry in 1974, though – it was a happy year.
Bottom, left to right: Leif Skjolden, Benny Myssing, Anders Soerensen, Ole Quist, Michael Roessel, Soeren Andreassen.
Top: Noels Krogdahl, Ole Hoejgaard, Peter Lindby, Niels Soerensen, Bjarne Petersen.Well, strong enough to concur home championship, but, as the names, suggest, hardly to take Europe by storm. Ole Quist played for the national team, if that counted for something in the 1970s.