Monday, June 7, 2010

Peru also failed. The likeable team of 1970, which so impressed fans and specialists, was eliminated by Chile.

Chumpitaz, Baylon, Mifflin, Cubillas, Sotil provided class, but the team was erratic and inconsistent. Didi, the Brazilian legend, quit coaching Peru after 1970 World Cup and was replaced by Lajos Baroti. The Hungarian had big reputation, but Peru had no spark under his guidance and he was replaced by Roberto Scarone, not exactly a famous name. Chile eliminated Peru. Sotil and Cubillas went to play in Europe. For the others remained only domestic consolation.
Universitario (Lima) won the Peruvian championship in 1974.

The squad consisted of: Julio Aparicio, Carlos Carbonell, Fernando Cuellar, Héctor Chumpitaz, Rubén Díaz, Juan Carlos Oblitas, Juan José Oré, César Peralta, Marco Portilla, Oswaldo Ramírez, Percy Rojas, Luis Rubiños, Eleazar Soria, Rubén Techera, Juan Toyco, Ricardo Valderrama, Enrique Wolf. Not bad, with the likes of Chumpitaz, one of the best ever Peruvian players, Rojas, Oblitas, and Ramirez. The coach was Juan Eduardo Hohberg, certainly of bigger profile than the national coach Scarone. Hohberg was born in Argentina, but played for Uruguay at the 1954 World Cup finals. In 1970 World Cup coached Uruguay to 4th place. In 1974 Uruguay was to play at the World Cup again, but Hohberg and Chumpitaz had to settle for Peruvian title.