Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The League Cup went to Wolvehampton Wanderers after a tough final with Manchester City. The Wolves won 2-1. Again 100, 000 fans attended – Cups still counted in the 1970s.

Bottom, left to right: Kelly, Wagstaffe, Powell, McGarry – manager, Bailey, Hegan, McCalliog.
Middle: Parkin, Eastoe, Daley, Parkes, Pierce, McAlle, Palmer, Richards.
Top: Jefferson, Hibbitt, Taylor, Munro, Dougan, Kindon, Sunderland, Chung – assistant manager. Although the glory days of the Wolves were long gone, the team was good – good enough to produce hope for revival: more than reliable veterans like Dougan and McCalliog; solid and well established players like Hibbitt; up and coming youngsters – Richards and Sunderland. More than a decent squad, in fact. Much better looking than some of the cup winners from the previous years.
Another peek at the Wolves – this time the whole squad, second team and all. Golden future, isn’t it? How possibly English football would be in crisis when you see so much bursting talent in golden shirts?