Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poland, still off the radar of European interest, never had two-club monopoly and unlike most East-European states, the clubs from the capital city played little role in domestic football. In the 1960s Gornik from the mining town of Zabrze came close to domination, but by 1974 the squad aged, players retired one after the other and for the moment the club was in transition. Other clubs took leading positions, but only temporary ones. The champions changed every year and Ruch (Chorzow) shined this one with a double.
Ruch won its second Cup and impressive 11th championship. However, it was the first title since 1968.
Bottom, left to right: Lorenczyk, Wyrobek, Drzewiecki, Gomoluch, Bula, Rudnow.
Top: Maruszka, Ostafinski, Bajger, Bon, Kurowski, Vican – coach, Czaja, Marx, Beniger, Maszczyk, Kopicera.
A well blended squad really – old stars like Gomoluch, Bula, Beniger; players from the Olympic 1972 champion team – Czaja, Ostafinski; current national players – Marx, Wyrobek, Maszczyk; a player yet to be invited to the national team – Kopicera. Their Czechoslovak (today – Slovak) coach Michal Vican was something too – not only a good coach, but peculiar as well: he was a big enemy of drinking alcohol and… Coca-Cola. Perhaps ban on Coke is the key to success.