Saturday, August 28, 2010

Uruguay - politics messed with football too. With left wing terrorism, dire economic situation, and increasing involvement of the army, the country was hardly normal anymore. The military ruled effectively, although not formally, and their policy was simple – tacitly support Penarol, but no more. In a way football was left alone, except Penarol – the ‘people’s club’ won its 32nd title, but little can be said about this otherwise great achievement. More or less, it was the same team of the year before (so look back at the old posting for 1973, if interested). The only big news was Walter Olivera – the star defender broke his leg and was out.
Olivera with his crutches.
His injury was more of a national team problem, than Penarol’s and the media hype around his broken leg was weaved around the coming World Cup. He missed it, of course, and in a way perhaps Olivera on crutches is the best metaphor for the Uruguayan football of this year.