Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Brazilian mess perhaps can be shown better with few words about ‘amazing team’: America (Rio de Janeiro).
America was founded in 1904 and is a ‘second-tier’ club in the Rio’s football universe. Not really big; not small either. Sometimes winning, most often – not. In 1974 they won the prestigious Taca Guanabara and caught international attention, for they were not supposed to win anything: the club was in big financial crisis, players were not paid for months, and they went on strike. Twice. So far, nothing unusual – Brazilian football as a whole was like that (and is today as well). But America played well between and after strikes, winning their first – and only – Taca Guanabara (this is old and prestigious tournament in Rio, still played and cherished). Money did not come because of that, only glory. And interest: how was possible for untrained and deeply troubled team to win? The goalkeeper explained it psychologically and let it be.
Occasional win… most likely. America was surely to sink without money. Well, they finished 8th overall in the 1975 Brazilian championship in the 42-team composite table. May be really they had some kind of unusual psychology, motivating them to play good without training and without money. Or may be they were really Diabo (Devils, the club’s nickname). The real story of Brazilian football is really amazing: how was and is possible to run championships and to play great football in perpetual financial and organizational mess is unexplainable. America should have folded in 1974-75, not winning. Miracles and magic, what else…