Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Libertadores runners up had their most memorable year – they won their 4th Chilean title.
As the name suggests, Union Espanola was founded by Spanish immigrants and long ago – on May 18, 1897. Success was not their forte, though – in Santiago they faced tough opposition and hardly are well known club outside Chile. Their best period was exactly in the mid-1970s and one is inclined to think that military dictatorship was best environment for a club with ‘colonial’ ties, but this is speculative thought. 1975 was the best year of the club’s existence – a title and, so far, singular international success. As for the squad – local heroes surely, but anonymous players outside Chile.
The only player with some international fame was Sergio Ahumada.
Ahumada is not listed among the venerated players of Union Espanola and it looks like he was recruited largely for the Copa Libertadores campaign: he did not last in the club and generally played for Colo Colo.