Friday, April 15, 2011

Unlike the Cup winners, the Polish champions were familiar – Ruch (Chorzow) were champions in 1974 and now in 1975 as well. Their 12 title so far, more or less evenly spread success through the decades. A solid, stable club, Ruch was never domineering, yet, never outside the top five in the league. It was still the same squad as the year before, coached by the enemy of Coca-Cola drinks Michal Vican.
Top, left to right: Maszczyk, Bajger, Kopicera, Marx, Kurowski, Vican – coach, Czaja, Ostafinski, Faber, Bon, Helebrandt (?).
Bottom: Wyrobek, Wira, Chojnacki, Bula, Benigier, Drzewiecki, Malcher.
By now, Maszczyk was better known abroad, thanks to participation in the World Cup, but it should be noted that the champions of 1974 and 1975 provided only this player to the squad ending third in the world. On the other hand the boys were good for export – soon Marx and Faber went to France.