Saturday, May 7, 2011

Czechoslovakian football will be in the centre of the football universe quite soon, so ‘as a preparation’, one more glimpse at it now. The suffering of Prague… Slavia claims victimhood and martyrdom during the Communist rule, but perhaps another club had suffered more. In 1975 Victoria Zizkov celebrated 70 years of existence.
The old Viktoria hails from Prague’s suburb – Zizkov – and is always written ‘Viktoria Zizkov’, although it is just one of the Prague’s clubs. But ‘just’ is not really the word: Viktoria were strong once upon a time; they are ‘classic’ club, at par with Slavia, Sparta, and Bohemians. But… they really fell down when Communism gripped Czechoslovakia. Were they persecuted is hard to tell, but certainly they were almost forgotten. They celebrated their 70th year since foundation in… 3rd Division.
Down and out… and without any hope for glory. Nothing represented better the fall of Prague’s football than the fate of Viktoria: great past and meager presence.