Monday, May 2, 2011

Spartak (Trnava) won the Cup.

They were still competitive, but they were not Slovan… Unfortunately, Spartak suffered the provincial predicament: having a strong team, it was almost impossible to preserve it with strong additions. By 1975 it was becoming very clear that the ‘White Angels’ (a rather curious nickname, for they normally play in red and black) depended on one strong generation of players, which was getting old. Whoever retired was replaced with ordinary boys. Unlike Slovan, Spartak had not enough clout to get new strong players from other clubs. Provincial city is not attractive in terms of comforts, night life, and prestige either… money are less… they simply cannot compete with the likes of Slovan: point in case – Slovan had no difficulty recruiting the captain of the national team Jan Pivarnik from VSS Kosice. Spartak was unable to attract any big name at the same time. And it turned out 1975 was the last good year – Trnava had to wait 10 years until new trophy came to town. Didn’t look this way in 1975, but it happened to be the end of greatness.