Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Of course, the champions need no introduction: 21st title for Benfica. ‘The Eagles’ seemingly continued to fly high, having the best stars of the country in their squad. Humberto, Nene, Jordao…
Who would dare say that future is dark, when Diamantino (on the right) attacks?
But the diamond was only promising to shine… it was illustrious squad, yet, nothing like the great Eagles of the 1960s. By now Eusebio and Simoes were getting rich in North American NASL and the their former teammates failed to become as great as the old horses. Good enough for the league, though.
Familiar names disguised with new looks… if looks were making players better, these bunch should have been fantastic. The Yugoslav Milorad ‘Michel’ Pavic coached them – highly respected name at the time, who led Athletic (Bilbao) to winning the Spanish Cup two years earlier. Well, champions again.