Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the end, the most likely candidates for greatness were Fortuna Dusseldorf and Eintracht Frankfurt. The Dusseldorfers finished merely 6th, but already were detected. So far their climb was quite, but steady.
Fortuna did not have particularly great stars, but Seel, Herzog, and Zewe were already playing or at least considered for the national team. The rest was trurdy bunch without much flair, but well shaped, experienced, and ripe. Close to Hertha really, as far as the quality of the squad was concerned, but unlike Hertha, it was already built team. There was not a change of generations lurking dangerously, as in Koln; there was no shaping of a team, as in Hamburg. Fortuna were only to get better and likely candidate for greatness – there time was ‘now’. May be a player or two, and – harvest time.
But the likeliest of all was Eintracht Frankfurt. Steadily at top, finishing 3rd this year. It was all – the German Cup was won in 1974 and was kept in Frankfurt in 1975 as well. Eintracht beat MSV Duisburg 1-0 at the final, proving winning spirit.
Cup winners second year in a row. Bronze medals from the championship. What could be next? A title? European cup? Eintracht were the best candidate to become the third great German club – able coach – Weise; megastar World Champions Grabowski and Holzenbein; young, but experienced candidates for the national team – Nickel, Korbell, Trinklein; well respected and dependable players like Kunter (always written Dr. Kunter!), Beverungen… Experience, energy, selection – Eintracht had everything. Just wait the new season to start. They were coming big. At least it was thought they were coming big.