Monday, November 28, 2011

Luxembourg keeps scandalous events for banking and investment schemes – the football is sparkling clean… and miserable. Unless one supports the giants of the local game.

They are Jeunesse d’Esch, of course. A double this year – 15th championship title and 7th Cup. Not bad? Many a club can envy such a record.

Thanks to the overall supremacy of Jeunesse, the Cup finalists were to appear in the European Cup Winners Cup – a brief appearance on the ‘big field’, but appearance nevertheless. The happy boys display ferocious name – Aris, the ancient Greek god of war. The name was good enough for a close fight at the Cup final – they lost only 1-2 – but outside Luxembourg the club scared nobody…

The name helped little in the long run – the club is not existing since 2001.