Monday, January 30, 2012

A little tour of the domestic league of 1976 European Champions. Banik (Ostrava) – Dukla (Prague). Nehoda (Dukla) scores in the net of Michalik (Banik). At the end of the season Michalik was champion of CSSR, but Nehoda champion of Europe. They were to play side by side for the national team soon.

The Bratislava derby Slovan – Inter. Hardly friends… although Jurkemik (left, Inter) and Masny (Slovan) were together in the national team and lifted the European Cup.
Oil and arms go together… well, not always. Inter (in stripes) had no respect for the rifle-makers - Zbrojovka. The unfortunate goalkeeper Hron can only watch Pospisil (#10) scoring and the match ended at that – 1-0 for Inter (Bratislava). And the match no gun ever win… against the referee. Sarganek dismises Zbrojovka (Brno) players Kroupa nd Vaclavicek. Kind of bored, isn’t he? More riflemen, this time in attack: Zbrojovka (dark shirts) vs SKLO Union (Teplice). Tough life for a goalkeeper… but who is attacking and who is defending? Well, Dukla (Prague) tries to score in the net of Inter (Bratislava). Slovaks were increasingly under Czech siege this season.
It was not an easy victory of the Czechs at all – Slovaks still had enough teeth left. Dusan Kabat (Spartak Trnava) makes a full of Dukla (Prague) defender. Alas, the great team of Trnava was already declining.
Not much love between Czechs either: Barat (Bohemians Prague, in stripes) strikes a bit before Huml (Banik Ostrava) tackled him. Bohemians were playing better and better, but it was the year of Ostrava, so it was Huml victorious at the end of season. More of the Czech – Slovak battles? Slavia (Prague) had a strong season and here their stopper Frydrich almost scores in the net of Inter (Bratislava, in stripes).

Czech year at last! Segmuller (Slavia Prague) went together with the ball in the net of Slovakian VSS Kosice. Football as bliss.

Football as misery… unfortunately, once again it was Slovak misery… Dukla just scored against Jednota (Trencin). Poor goalie Machac behind the post and the stopper Mojzis are devastated so much, there is no need to show their faces.
Completely Czech year at every level, and the future was seemingly Czech too… Seventeen years old Josef Jurkanin already in attack for Sparta (Prague). Winning the Second Division and adding the Czechoslovakian Cup for a good measure.
Arguably, 1976 was the best Czechoslovakian year ever.