Saturday, May 12, 2012

And finally scraping the bottom – Venezuela. The pariahs of South American football: nobody even noticed them, but football was played professionally there too. Just a glimpse is possible – not of the champions, Portuguesa FC, but of another club, which is fairly succefull in the Venezuelan championships.

Deportivo Galicia. Looking sharp, yet, entirely unknown. Only one thing could be said – apparently, Venezuela attracted foreign players – two Uruguayans, an Argentine, and a Spaniard here. Small fry, but for these guys Venezuelan wages were obviously preferable to those at home. The other thing worth mentioning is again Professor de Leon – he is highly respected there and considered one of the biggest influences in the history of Venezuelan football.

But Venezuela is unique: the only South American country where football is not the most popular sport: baseball is. Hmmm, Yankees interested in oil for a long, long time… and introducing their own sport to the masses as well.