Saturday, July 14, 2012

Torino ruled the championship, Milano got a bit of revenge in the Cup: Milan and Inter reached the final. With rivalry so bitter, Torino was hardly on the mind – there was archenemy at hand. Of course, it looked like the big boys were strong and around as ever, but in reality it was more of hanging to old ways. Old, tired teams suffered during the grueling championship – direct elimination in the Cup format they were able to muster and go ahead. Experience seemingly was enough only for that and no more. Old ways were still dominant, but... it was more a picture of the 1960s than from the second half of the 1970s. Rivera vs Facchetti. Mazzola was still around. The word 'boring' is not even right... although it was touching in way: at least veterans like those going down in style is always sweet. Sweet, and no more – for no matter how bitter the rivalry was, the outdated teams were no longer entertaining.

Anyhow, Milan won 2-0.

At the losing end this year: Inter finished outside the top three at the championship, and lost the Cup. And looking at the squad, it was clear that the future would be trouble – Facchetti, Mazzola, Anastasi were yesterday at best. Merlo, Muraro, Libera, Fedele... that's the future?

Milan mirrored Inter: Rivera, Albertosi, Capello at their last legs and tomorrow's team based on Calloni, Vincenzi, Silva? Well, at least Milan had Collovati for tomorrow... was he the whole difference between Inter and Milan? Milan had disastrous season, finishing at the unseemly 10th place. At least they gathered some strength and ambition to win the Cup.

It was almost surprising Milan were able to run around the stadium with the trophy – but never mind. They won and was great to rub Inter's noses once again. It was great for the club and its supporters, for it was quite clear trophies were getting scarce. It was great for Rivera, getting upper hand over Mazzola and Facchetti. It was great for Capello – at least he won something with his new team, unlike his former Juventus teammate Anastasi. And it was bitter end for Mazzola, who retired this year empty handed, on the losing side.