Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Familiar top, but what about the bottom? Who cares about the bottom? Dead last were Atletico Clube do Portugal, hailing from Alcantara, Lisbon.

The name is practically unknown today, and it was no different in the 1970s either – the club played once bigger role in Portugal, but it was so long ago, probably even the club's fans were not able to recall it. Atletico were relegated, going to complete anonymity. With total of 15 points, they were 8 points behind the 15th placed club.

Hardly a derby, hardly a competitive match... Atletico desperately defending themselves against Benfica. That was their fate the whole season and they went down.

Unlike Atletico, other weak clubs at least fought for survival. Leixoes lost the struggle, ending with equal points with two other teams, but having the worst goal difference.

Leixoes Sport Club is quite old, founded in 1907, but from a small town, Matosinhos, and therefore unlikely candidate for greatness. May be their nickname – Os Bebes (The Babies) – really sums up their fate: 70 years old babies by 1977... as their crest suggests, it is a multisport club, and their football department was not exactly strong. Leixoes played and plays nore often in Second Division than in First, so their relegation was rather normal. If there was something to remember about them this season, it was their curious record: they tied half of matches – 15 ties out of total 30 games. Their attack was the worst in the league – Leixoes scored only 15 goals, ½ goal average per match. Apparently, they attempted to survive by playing cattenaccio, for their defense was not bad at all, allowing 31 goals in the season. Only the top three clubs had better defensive record, but... playing for the point and scoring ½ less when allowing a whole goal spelled disaster.

Babies going down. Again.

Down, to more familiar opponents inhabiting Second Division, like Barreirense.

Well, even grass did not like to grow in Second Division, but Leixoes was joining the bunch of modest clubs like this one. First division was not even a dream for the likes of Barreirense – but their kit is pretty.