Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The real fun was in the premier league – the bottom was hopeless, but three clubs were pretty much equal at the top. The first phase ended with AC Bellinzona and FC Winterthur dead last, their combined points less than what 10th placed FC Sankt Gallen had. Grasshoppers finished at 6th place, just on better goal difference.

Worried looking Netzer – or may be plain tired. He did not make any difference – Grasshoppers struggled to stay above relegation tournament.

Servette, Basel, and FC Zurich finished at the top three places, 4 points separating 1st and 3rd.

Servette lost only 1 match in the first phase of 22 rounds; scored impressive 68 goals, and were leading by two points.

Going for the title: Third row, from left: assistant coach Monnier, Andrey, Schnyder, President Cohannier, Barberis, Thouvenel, Coach Pazmandy.

Middle row: masseur Locca, Brignolo, Marchi, Martin, Barriquand, Bizzini, Chivers, Engel, assistant coach Ammon.

Sitting: Pfister, Zapico, Müller, Valentini, Guyot.

Unlike Netzer, Chivers was actually benefiting his new club, but Servette had strong for Switzerland team, enjoying good spell. They lost the title by a point the previous season and were determined to get it this one. The first phase was theirs, 2 points ahead of Basel, which seemed OK, considering their form so far.

Second phase reduced whatever advantage Servette had – starting with half of the points earned so far made an equal new race. With 10 games to be played, even Grasshoppers, the 6h team in the first phase had a chance. It was not so in the relegation group: the outsiders were so far behind everybody else, that even if they made heroics and win all their games most likely would had ended in Second Division. FC Winterthur actually did play heroically, adding 9 points to their measly 4 from the first phase, but... finished 5th and relegated.

Trying to escape too late: sitting from left: Munch (?), Werli (?), Bolman (?), Kung, P. Maier (?), Waner (?), Schwaizer (?), Grzon (?)

Middle row: Kozmel (?) - coach, R. Maier (?), A. Maier (?), Fer (?), Heni (?), Graff (?), Ackeret (?), Rief (?) - masseur.

Top: Thygesen (Denmark), Chicha (?), Weber (?), Zindelar (?).

Along with Bellinzona, as expected. Bellinzona obviously through the towel – they managed to tie 2 matches, losing the rest. 2 points plus ½ points from the first phase totaled 6 – they got 7 in the first phase, you be the judge. At the top of relegation group finished the 7th and 8th from the first phase: Lausanne-Sports and CS Chenois. Actually, every club ended at the exact place they had in the first phase – the tournament proved rather pointless in this respect, for nothing changed. The only interesting thing about the relegation tournament is statistical: FC Sion were tie-masters in the first phase, ending with league record 10 draws in 22 games. In the second phase they never tied a match – 5 wins and 5 losses.