Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It looked brighter in Hungary – quite a few highly talented players and interesting season. Surprising results at the end. Attacking football was dominant and with it – high scoring. And fans love goals, the more the better. Thirteen teams finished with at least 10 wins the 34-round championship, including relegated Salgotarian BTC. In a sharp contrast, only three clubs finished with 10 or more ties. Unfortunately, the 1976 champions Ferencvaros hold the record number of ties – 11. They also had the best defense, which allowed 42 goals, but thus rather defensive-minded strategy did not help them for anything better than 3rd place. Bronze was not all that bad, yet, it was clear that Ferencvaros was not ready to establish strong grip on the title. Once again they finished behind the arch-rival Ujpesti Dozsa, lagging by three points. Correspondingly, Fradi's attack was third best as well, scoring 78 goals. Honved was left behind, though – they finished 4th, a point behind Ferencvaros, with second best defense and 4th attack. The next behind Honved – Haladas VSE – was really behind: 10 points behind. Among the more or less equal rest of the league Videoton and Raba ETO were getting stable in the first half of the table. On the other hand MTK and Czepel were fading – once upon a time both clubs were feared, but presently success was in the distant past: MTK, or MTK-VM, as the name went after their merger with Volan (Budapest), were clearly mid-table team, finishing 8th. Czepel was in sharp decline, though: only a single point saved them relegation. 16th place was hardly a comfort. The unlucky once were Dorog, hopelessly last. They occupied the last spot pretty much the whole season, earning measly 16 points from 5 wins and 6 ties.

Dorogi Banyasz Sport Club – the dead meat of the Hungarian league.

Third row, from left: Horváth, Pásztor, Péntek, Sándor,Kiss, Szabó, Schnitzer.

Middle: Varga edző, Gabala, Eipel, Peszeki, Engelbrecht, Ivanics vezetőedző.

Front row: Balogh, Tóth, Major, Csapó, Bartalos.

Ahead of them were Salgotarjan BTC, who at least fought to the end and had a chance to survive: with 25 points, they were not that far behind from the 13th placed Bekescsaba, who finished with 28 points.
Salgotarjan feeling the cold not only in winter: they fought to the end, but went down to Second Division.

Top, from left: OIáh Dezsö pályaedző, Miklós, Jeck, a nemrégiben kartörést szenvedett csapatkapitány, Répás, Angyal, Kmetty, Kovács II, Varga, Dávid Róbert vezetőedző.

Middle row: Szűcs, Orosházi, Cséki, Marta, Loch, Lajkó, Bolázs.

First row: Szoó, Kovács III, Tóth, Básti, Marcsok, Mohácsi.

Relegated teams rarely have any noticeable players. May be only Szoo of Salgotarjan and Csapo of Dorog.