Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unlike Albania and Cyprus, Luxembourg did not dally with new formats or enlargement of the league. They kept conservative view and rightly so – with limited talent and resources, why changing anything? Normal season of the 12-team league. Red Black ( Pfaffenthal) and Aris (Bonnevoie) finished at the last two spots and were relegated. Up the table the more interesting was the very top - Red Boys (Differdange) secured 3rd place, but was no factor in the race for the title. Progres (Niedercorn) and Jeunesse (Esch/Alzette) were the contenders – Progres scored the most goals, but they ended 2 points short of title. Jeunesse, more or less the strongest club during the 1970s, clinched one more championship.

The Cup final opposed the second and the third finishers in the championship – to a point, the stronger clubs were consistent, allowing for no surprises. Red Boys and Progres.
Progres tried hard and the final was quite equal. Thrilling final: it ended 4-4. The replay featured half the goals of the first match and much more confident Progres. They won 3-1 and the Cup.

Red Boys were rightly disappointed: after all, they are the Cup specialists in Luxembourg, winning it more often than anybody else. But not this year.
Losing finalists. Red Boys maintained steady performance, but their best years were already in the deep past.