Saturday, August 31, 2013

The First Division season was marked by the decline of the usual favourites. Universidad Catolica finished 9th. Universidad de Chile was 7th.

U de Chile laying low... perhaps their looks were much better than their play.

Colo Colo was 6th – practically not a factor since the beginning of Junta rule. The best Colo Colo was able to do in 1978 was reaching the ½ Cup finals. They lost both matches.

Everton was 5th , three points ahead of Colo Colo. For the boys from Vina del Mar the season was not bad – unlike Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, they were not constant favourites. Everton usually occupied solid place in the upper half of the table – so, they maintained their usual strength. Just 2 points divided them from the bronze medalists O'Higgins (Rancagua), but... they were no contenders: 7 points chasm divided silver from bronze.