Saturday, August 24, 2013

Up the scale the season appeared competitive at first glace: 4 points divided the 4th from the 11th. Eight out of the total 12 league teams were in this group, but... all had more losses than wins and only one – Wanderers, 5th – had positive goal-difference.

Huracan Buceo, 10th this year. Standing from left: Luis Morales , Carlos Boccone , Ricardo -mono- Soria , Nelson Peña , Luis Cáceres, Roberto Santos.

Crouching: Rubén Bustos , Luis Noble , Carlos Franco , Jorge Armúa, Julio Correa.

Huracan Buceo rarely played First Division football, so they may had been happy to just remain in the league.

Rentistas, finishing a place above Huracan Buceo, were of the same ilk – happy to play top league.

Danubio ended right in the midle of the the final table – 6th. Perhaps they had an excuse – in 1978 they played for the first time in the grueling Copa Libertadores tournament. Standing from left:Apolinario , Roberto Pérez, Sergio Santin ,Eliseo Rivero, Jorge Correa.

Abajo :Daniel Aparicio Godoy , José Moreira, Roberto Roo , Julio Noble, Carlos Luthar.

Yet, Danubio deserves a note – they were steadily progressing. So far, not very great, solid performances, and keeping their ground. National team players emerged from the club, most importantly young talent: 4 of their players were in the Uruguayan Under-19 national team winning the South Amwerican juvenil championship – Daniel Martinez, Nelson Alaguich, Ricardo Viera, and Roberto Roo. Danubio was on its way to becoming major factor in Uruguayan football – on its way, but still at the beginning of the road.

Wanderers, a club remembering better days, were good only for 5th place. They were the sole team from the 'solid bulk' with positive goal-difference – 29-25. Perhaps that counted for achievment.

Defensor Sporting clinched the top of the bulk - 4th place. Not bad – the surprize champions of 1976, disturbing the duopoly ruling Uruguayan football, were apparently consistent. The team was pretty much the same as in 1976, but it was not a squad with enough class.

That was pretty much the general picture of the league.