Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hungary II division. A mixed bag of winners.
Declining Csepel (Budapest) was still too good for second division and won promotion quickly. The team was not too bad actually – Hajdu, for instance, was still national team material. But the glory years were long gone, never to return. Still, it seemed that the proper place of Csepel was in the top league.
Kaposvari Rakoczi – one more attempt to establish itself among the best Hungarian clubs. Unlike Csepel, it was more than doubtful they will succeed.
The third club winning promotion was different – NYVSSC never played first division before.
As many Hungarian clubs, the name is hidden behind convenient abbreviation, for it was long and difficult, but just as often it was known in another version – just the name of the home city Nyiregyhaza. The club was founded in 1928 and went into several name changes between 1944 and 1955. The changes were not over, though – in 1977 the club merged with the other club of the same city, Nyiregyhazi Spartacus Petofi, becoming Nyiregyhazi Vasutas-Spartacus Sportclub. Hence, NYVSSC. One long and difficult to chant version; the other – difficult to pronounce, so it was sufficient just to call it Nyiregyhaza.

Third row, from left: Temesvári Miklós vezetőedző, Bakos Béla gyúró, Szekrényes, Gáspár, Ambrusz, Szűcs, Nagy Lajos technikai vezető,Arany László palyaedző.
Middle row: Buús, Moldván, Cséke, Kiss, Mayer
Sitting: Lukács, Polyák, Kozma, Czeczeli, Turtóczky.
The newest incarnation proved the most successful in the club's history, winning the very first promotion. Like Kaposvar, the squad was nothing to speak of and the club was not expected to last among the best. Then again, who could tell in advance.