Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Northern Ireland. Hardly anything unusual or spectacular here. High goal-scoring – the championship per game average was  3.265. FC Bangor was last this season with 9 points, but that hardly meant a thing – apart from very weak season for the club – for the there was no relegation. Closed league – same teams played year after year between themselves. 
Ballymena United was 7th with 20 points. 
oleraine got bronze medals with 31 points.
Glentoran was unable to win consecutive title, finishing 2nd with 33 points.  
  And Linfield came on top, as many times before and hardly challenged, with 37 points. 17 wins, 3 ties, and just 2 lost games. 59-19 was their scoring record. Linfield also reached the Cup final and their prevailed over FC Coleraine 2-1. 
A well deserved double this year.