Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Third Division. Chesterfield was last with 37 points.
Doncaster Rovers was 23rd with 38 points.
Wrexham - 22nd with 51 points.
Reading - 21st with 53 points.
These four were relegated.
Wigan Athletic - 18th with 54 points. Nobody was crazy enough to suggest that Wigan will play top league football in the 21st century in these years.
Southend United - 15th with 59 points.
Gillingham - 13th with 61 points.
Sheffield United – reduced to insignificant third division existence. 11th with 64 points.
Walsall - 10th with 64 points, ahead of Sheffield United on better goal-difference.
Brentford - 9th with also 64 points.
Plymouth Argyle - 8th with 65 points.

Lincoln City - 6th with 76 points.
Oxford United - 5th with 78 points.
Newport County was lucky – they bested Oxford by a single goal. That was the whole difference.
Huddersfield Town ended 3rd with 82 points. After hitting rock-bottom at the end of the 70s, the club seemingly was coming back. May be all the way to its former place in First Division? Nobody could tell, but already they moved to Second Division.
Cardiff City - 2nd with 86 points. One more former First Division member climbing up.

Portsmouth was almost unchallenged favourite this season and won the league with 91 points. Well done.
So, going to play in the upper league next year: Portsmouth, Cardiff City, and Huddersfield Town. Good luck.