Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nantes was different outfit: the six years of draught apparently helped the club to build younger side and finally results arrived: League title plus finalists for the Cup.

Top, left to right: Bertrand-Demanes, Gardon, Osman, Bargas, De Michele, Maas.
Bottom: Blanchet, Michel, Couecou, Rampillon, Pech. Not everybody lived up to expectations, but Blanchet, Pech, Rampillon, and Bertrand-Demanes were candidates for the national jersey; Couecou was still solid player, and Henri Michel and the new Argentine Hugo Bargas certainly made waves – both played at World Cup finals: Bargas in 1974 and Michel in 1978. Henri Michel was not only part of the French revival, starting after 1975 and the top French midfielder of the 1970s, but later became successful and well respected coach. The goalkeeper Bertrand-Demanes also appeared at World Cup finals, but unlike Michel he was generally a reserve.