Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nantes were close to a double, but were stopped by Olympique Lyon at the Cup final. Lyon are perhaps the best known French club today, which was not the case until 21st century – a solid club, but not quite good to compete for the title, they were better at winning the cup.
Top, left to right: Mihailovic, Domenech, Chauveau, Cacchioni, Prost, Lhomme, Trivic.
Bottom: Chiesa, Lacombe, Di Nallo, Ravier.
Solid squad, with two experienced Yugoslavs and various French stars, young and old - Di Nallo and Domenech well established and Chiesa and Lacombe promising good future. At the end, only Lacombe became really big player and important part of the increasingly stronger French national team of the late 70s and early 1980s. As for Domenech – well, certainly the contemporary coach is familiar. Same man, only winning a cup in 1973. As for championship – Lyon had to wait until 2000-01 season for their first title, when none of the above was playing.