Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going down – FC Paris. The strange and administrative nightmare concocted in 1971 to give Paris a big club finally distilled into two separate clubs – Paris Saint Germain was to be a French power… FC Paris sunk.
Back, left to right: Gallina, Kula, Djorkaeff, Rostagni, Zorzetto, Horlaville.
Bottom: Floch, Guignedoux, Felix, Spiegler, Cohuet.
Not long ago Djorkaeff and Rostagni were national players and now they were going to play in the Second Division… such misfortune. The rest of the squad is not so bad either – and Zorzetto, Cohuet, Floch, some others will return to the top of French football pyramid. Alas, not the club – FC Paris departed to oblivion. The club does exist today – but it is small and lowly.
Actually, the photo is from before the sinking season, but interesting one: see Mordechai Spiegler. The Israeli national player moved to Paris SG in the summer of 1973. In the summer of 1974 he joined Cosmos (New York), where he played until 1977 – long enough to be teammate with Pele. Not bad for a guy born in Sochi (USSR).