Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going up in Europe? Eintracht (Braunschweig). They were relegated just a year ago, but returned quickly in the last year there were no Second Division and regional champions competed for two spots in the Bundesliga.

Celebrating left to right: Weber, Franke (standing), Deppe, Erler, Grzyb, and Habermann. Looks like very plain celebration? No balloons, no naked girls, no outrage? Well, those were the early 70s… professional players were supposed to have fun only on the pitch. And they smile a little, shout a little, have some Coca-Cola, and go home. At least that was what the public and the media expected from them. Was it true or not – who cares? The boys went up – now, that mattered. At least in Braunschweig. Unlucky Franke… celebrating return to first division when his former teammates in the West German national team were celebrating World Cup title.