Saturday, March 5, 2011

Speaking of great and lesser Danes: Koge BK won the Denmark’s championship.
True to tradition, champions varied in this country. For the champions themselves, it was their second title – and until now – last. Modest club, to say the least, but Koge BK held special distinction at home: when they won the championship in distant 1954, they became the first club outside Copenhagen to do so. Winning provincial clubs were no longer news in 1975, but Koge BK were hardly among the better Danish clubs, so it was a surprise to outsiders and happy occasion for the home boys.
Champions without a single known name among them – typically Danish, right? Wait! Not a single player of this squad is listed among the all-time greatest players of the club! Speaking of champions…
A more familiar club won the Cup – Vejle. They were at their first strong period, although never becoming truly dominant force and their ‘golden years’ were still in the unknown future. But that is Danish football – or was.
If Koge BK were anonymous, so were Vejle, according to their names. What is noticeable is shirt advertisement. Amateur football, but trying to get some cash from sponsorship. In Denmark it was hit and miss affair, occasionally quite lunatic. This year it was normal – apart from funny sounding name Vejle sported. Tulip? Never mind the flowers.