Monday, March 7, 2011

Up North tulips didn’t grow – in the snows of Norway football was established long, long ago. The whole of Scandinavia started playing the Brtitish game earlier than most of Europe, yet, with the exception of Sweden, no country became a force. Norway ranked at the bottom of European football, but it had her own heroes nevertheless. Viking (Stavanger) for instance.
The club was founded in 1899 and is not only old, but distinguished as well: since Norwegian league was established, Viking missed only 2 seasons – 1966-67 and 1987-88. Great consistency, but hardly anything else until 1970s – only one title. There was no much after the 70s ended, so this was the decade of burly Vikings – 5 titles altogether! Four of them in a row, starting in 1972. 1975 completed the dominance:
And burly they were, as becoming to their name: champions again, sitting, left to right: Erik Thorsen, Inge Valen, Gunnar Berland, Sigbjorn Slinning, Reidar Goa, Magnus Boe, Arvid Knutsen.
Standing: Anbjorn Ekeland, Svein Kvia, Torbjorn Svendsen, Reidar Instanes, Erik Johannessen, Otto Sundgot, Drivflaat, Trygve Johannessen, Harald Andersen
Raiding and pillaging Norway, bringing trophies home. Toothless abroad the Vikings were, as the whole Norwegian football back then, so nobody really knew them – but 4 years consequent champions deserves mentioning.