Monday, December 3, 2012

But what was 'low' and 'high' in Denmark? Fairly equal clubs changing places every new season , depending on momentary strength. Or the lack of it. Goal difference decided the positions of 4 clubs at the upper part of the table, each with 34 points: 'unlucky' Kastrup Boldklub took the 6th place; the 'lucky' Esbjerg fB – bronze medals.

Rare success for Esbjerg - 3rd in the league – but the team hardly meant anything. One of the national team goalkeepers, Kjaer, and nobody else. Few eventually played abroad and became better known, but not in 1977.

Better known club finished second. Comfortably second, it must be said, for they were 5 points ahead of Esbjerg, but nothing more, for they were also hopelessly out of the race for the title, a good 8 points behind the champions. B 1903 (Copenhagen).

Well, nobody known here. Nobody made a name later as well. It was one of the last great moments for B 1903: the old club rapidly went down to virtual non-existence. Today it is both existing and not existing... having children and youth teams, but the first team is amalgamated with another club under different name.

There was no race for the title – the champions were far ahead of anybody else. Must have been fantastic squad... if it was another country. Well, the champions were at least known outside Denmark – OB Odense. 'The Striped' often played in the European club tournaments, hence, familiar name, although familiar because of simple participation. They hardly lasted long, but normally Danish clubs did not last. Never mind, champions are champions – a great season for OB!
A great season indeed – OB Odense are one of the oldest clubs not only in Denmark, but in Europe. They were founded in 1887! Almost a century old already... and for all that time they won precisely nothing. First title ever – what could be better? Overwhelming champions too – they lost only 2 matches; won 19 ; scored the most goals in the league – 66; received the least – 27; ended 8 points ahead of the silver medalists. Confident, strong... having Allan Nielsen, Moller Nielsen, and Hogh in the squad. Which probably tells enough about the relative strength of Danish club football: 3 good players was much more than what the competition had, hence the supremacy. On the other hand none of three 'stars' ranks really high – compared to Simonsen, Henning Jensen, Lerby, Allan Nielsen and Moller Nielsen rank low. As for Hogh – yes, he played for the national team at that time, along with his rival from Esbjerg fB – Kjaer – but... neither interested a foreign club. Good for home use only. Anyhow, this was the first great year for OB Odense and its fans. Waiting 90 years for a title is no joke... finally, the wait ended beautifully.